Our team

Christina Choo

Masters of Arts (Research)
PRACTITIONER and lecturer

Christina is a Master of Art (Research and Practice) and a lecturer from The Glasgow School of Art in partnership with SIT. She has been teaching the art of moving images and coaching communication design for 7 years. She taught digital audio and video production at ITE College East for 5 years before that.

She has been a passionate and decorated freelance filmmaker for 18 years and her accolades include winning best picture in the Korean Film Festival, the Boston Film Festival and earning a screening at the Cannes Film Festival’s short film corner. Having piloted successful collaborative projects for students in both ITE and GSA, she not only has an extensive reach in the freelance and media industries, but also access to thousands of passionate and loyal alumni who are still reaching out to her.

Mun Yew is a Master of Art, photography practitioner and artist. With 13 years of experience in the industry, he specialised in cinematography, crafting moving visuals artistically and harnessing lights to create spectacular moods. Now as a Fashion & Commercial Photographer, he uses the same skills to create similarly conceptually rich and unique looks in a heartbeat. He frequents the United Kingdom and Europe, shooting for top international editorial publications. Some notable faces he has captured include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Diane Kruger and Serena Williams. Through years of collaboration with various creatives and design agencies, he has transformed into a strong conceptual thinker, outstanding visualiser and strategically focused designer, with proven leadership abilities. Having a passion in education and mentorship, his role as an adjunct lecturer in The Glasgow School of Art has earned him many loyal mentees from the years of dedication as a communication design lecturer and photography major.


Cheong Mun Yew

Masters of Art and photography practitioner and artist

Our Partners

John Huynh


Founder of the Collective and a 3rd generation family member of a 100+ year old textile dynasty. The textile mill was started in Vietnam by his grandfather and extended to HK and China by his father and family.

Huynh was positively influenced by his fathers mentoring, always taken to attend and be part of business meetings and gatherings from an early age. This influenced him, after graduating with an MBA in Canada in the early 80’s, to start his own extremely successful and existing fashion and textile business.

Serial Self-Made Entrepreneur and now Business Mentor to Cocreates, John is bringing Orange Liftstyle Collective to Singapore, partnering with Cocreates to help the next generation of entrepreneurs with access and experience, as he leads us through to disrupt the nature of trade and business development, through into the future of sustainable lifestyle, relations and busines

Social Impact Place-Making Partner @ Ten Square Community Engagement @ Meaningful Sunday Empowering others in #DoingGoodTogether. Gary, a visionary for innovation, inventor of ideas and champion for change with a mission to empower the youths and Enabling online/offline community engagement on “#MeaningfulSunday” to commemorate international days currently observed by the United Nations.

Owner of Autobahn Motors, Gary uses his experience, network and business innovation sense to create a whole new eco-system to disrupt the landscape of social impact. Empowering organisations, beneficiaries, sponsors, and volunteers to be “#DoingGoodTogether” at Bras Basah & Bugis (BBB) Precinct. With focused intention in creating shared value for Singapore and the world. 

Gary Hong

Social Impact Place-maker, Innovative Disrupter & Change-Maker

Michael Tan


Michael Tan is a Master of Design and has taught graphic design, typography and branding for products and services, environmental graphics, signage and way-finding.

He has more than twenty years of experience in the corporate world as a designer and art director and as part of the company management team and right-hand to the CEO and Chairman. His role was to raise general creative standards and ensure the development of effective and creative design solutions for branding and analogous design projects.  As an art director, he worked in partnership with the Creative Director to enable creative teams to develop winning designs and proposals. He introduced and implemented best practices to ameliorate workflow, project management and productivity among the creative teams.

Partner Trainer and Chief Creative Advisor, an expert in operations and management, his key role is recognising and developing other designers’ potential, thereby adding to the creative strength of the company. He provides primary leadership and drives performance in design that leads to improvements in business performance and revenue generation.

Paul Hume is a British born creative director, artist and writer. With over three decades in professional practice he has held senior creative and management positions. He is internationally awarded for both creativity and marketing.

He has been executive director, creative director and partner at The Marketing Factory in Australia and subsequently CD of four other advertising agencies here in Asia. He has worked for a wide variety of brands including, banks, airlines, governments, automobiles, tourism destinations, beverages, military and many more. Some of his work, most notably for the Singapore Army, is relatively famous, endlessly imitated and recognised as extremely effective.

He has been lecturing in Communication Design at The Glasgow School of Art, Singapore since 2012, specialising in advertising communications, art direction and copywriting. He has been an enthusiastic coach of student achievement and the inauguration of yearly pop-up events and exhibitions, believing that celebration is as integral to learning as it is to life.

Partner Trainer and Creative Advisor, he looks forward to supporting Cocurator’s contribution to the creative community.

Paul Hume

Masters of DEsign
practitioner and Lecturer

Innovation is our mantra

The experience and passion of the Cocurator team is without equal. With a combination of over a 100 years in art and design they envision a dynamic community for the exchange of ideas and employmentWith their current roles as educator through Glasgow School of Art and long relationships with the local creative industries, the team maintains strong influence on the many facets that make up our design eco-system.