Filling the gap in the creative community.

The reason we decided to set this up, is because we saw a need within our community and among our friends, for an integrated system that would make running a freelance gig more efficient, more enjoyable and yes, more profitable.



The business world is in transition and looking for new ways to navigate the road ahead. Creativity is the key to the future and the contribution of the creative community is more vital than ever before. Cocurator serves this community by bringing together creative individuals, companies and clients on one convenient app. Let’s work.





Creative people usually love what they do, they have generous hearts and they’re prepared to go the extra mile for their art, but it’s usually accompanied by a struggle to make a profit. Clearly the world wants design and needs design solutions that will enhance the user experience and life in general. It’s time then, to highlight the importance of creativity in business and to facilitate a fair return for those that supply these services.

Join us to journey ahead as an organised collective, so you can start making money from doing what you love… art, design and creation.